Assessment Centres are back

During the COVID-19 pandemic we have been able to keep working and supporting businesses.

There was a period when we couldn’t run apprenticeship candidate assessment centres but we are delighted to report that this is no longer the case.

We have now completed a series of successful assessment days with EDF Energy across the country. The overall running and goals of the days have remained the same but we have tweaked the logistical processes to ensure we are keeping everyone safe.

Our main priority is obviously to minimise any risk and we are fully committed to reducing the spread of the virus. However, we are also committed to giving young people real opportunities and positive futures. We believe assessment centres are the best way to give young people a chance to show their skills and personality.

Salad Skils assessment centres


After a full review of our assessment centre processes we have been able to ensure they can still go ahead for the benefit of the company and the apprenticeship applicants.

Giving young people the opportunity to showcase their potential in this way is very important to us. We have proved time and time again that in an assessment centre environment you get to experience the person at their best. To see their true potential. It is a much less daunting process than a traditional interview. Many of our applicants are young people with little or no formal interview experience. An assessment centre allows for this and helps to build confidence.

The company looking for an apprentice will also get the best experience and the best outcome from our assessment centre process. Employing an apprentice is more often about personality and aptitude than experience and existing skills. Our process goes deeper than a formal interview and allows the candidates’ personality to come through.


COVID-19 safe assessment centres

When we host an assessment centre for you we will now meet all the candidates outside your venue to check their temperature is within the normal range. If they are okay to proceed, we will get them to sanitise their hands before entering the building. Where we have access to will be tightly controlled and limited. We will all maintain a 2 metre distance from each other and we will regularly sanitise our hands.

The current Government guidelines state that we don’t need to wear face masks during the assessment centre. If you have an on-site face mask policy we will follow that outside of the assessment room.

We are closely monitoring the Government advice and will tweak and change our processes so we always comply and work in the safest way possible.

Our current process is shown below. We will make sure all applicants are aware of our processes and any on-site processes you have in place.

COVID-19 safe assessment centres


COVID-19 safe assessment centres (2)


More information

As an employer – if you are interested in exploring your apprenticeship options, please get in touch. We can help you manage the whole process either with recruiting an apprentice, or from a quality assurance perspective for the training and development of your existing team.

As an applicant – all our live vacancies and all apprenticeship vacancies across the uk are listed on the Government Find an apprenticeship website.

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