We are so excited to be able to finally reveal that Salad Skills, have been named as one of Market Harborough Districts ‘Pioneer 10’ for 2017-18.

We’ve had to pitch our socks off but all our hard work has paid off. This is a huge accolade for us, as we have been publically acknowledged as a high growth, ambitious business as part of the Harborough District Council, 2017 Business Awards, Pioneer 10 phase.

Sarah, was part of a ‘The Apprentice’ style photoshoot for our local paper. Check out the story and picture below as featured in The Harborough Mail.


Sarah said, “It’s a great feeling that our local council, and their panel of business owner judges, saw in our business what we see. We are so passionate about what we do. Facilitating apprenticeships and being advisories to help businesses access funding and training, that many don’t even know they have access to, is a pleasure. Then seeing the people we work with flourish, is what drives us on. We are delighted that this obviously came across to the panel. I couldn’t be happier with what we’ve achieved.”

Through this programme, we have been matched with business owner, Eloise Shelton as our mentor. Eloise has all the skills and experience that we had hoped for. In 2005, she built up her own business from scratch, Vanilla Recruitment, also based in Market Harborough. Since then she has continually grown and expanded her team and business offering.

Eloise also shares our own ethical values, so we know this is going to be a great journey for us and our business.

The good news is being shared far and wide, East Midlands Business Link have also featured the programme on their website: http://www.eastmidlandsbusinesslink.co.uk/mag/featured/harboroughs-top-10-pioneers-announced/

We are very excited about what happens next and we’d like to congratulate the other Pioneer 10 class of 2017-18, many of whom we know. We are looking forward to working alongside them, hearing about their experiences and seeing their businesses grow.

If you have a Harborough District based business, and you’d like to find out more about the Pioneer 10 programme and the series of workshops and business growth reviews they run, you can have a look at their website here.

You can also have a read of our profile on the Pioneer 10 site here too.


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