We couldn’t be prouder of our ‘Little Gem’ and that makes this blog very easy to write.  Our ‘Little Gem’ Harriet who has been a treasured Salad Skills apprentice for over two years carried out her first assessment centre just the other day. This is certainly a testament to her confidence, which has grown so much since she joined us.

Our pride overrides our sadness (slightly), as we share that Harriet carried out this first assessment centre for her replacement.  We are sorry to be losing her, as she’s brought so much to the business and has really shown us that apprenticeships work so amazingly well.  She’s embraced learning and in such a short space of time has become an integral part of the Salad Skills team.

Harriet apprentice assessment centre

As her confidence has grown, she’s taken the lead and co-ordinated projects including surveys with candidates, interviews, new vacancy procedures and more.  Most notable and with endless enthusiasm, she has been appointed Head of Christmas each year, which came with a keenness to fill our Salad Skills office with Christmas lights and tinsel.

Harriet really has made us think and look outside the box, which has become infectious to other businesses within the Harborough Innovation Centre too.  As we celebrated National Apprenticeship Week last year here at Salad Skills with an initiative that was Harriet’s idea. Each day we stop for ’10 minutes of fun’.  For example, we invited our customer Octagon Creative Ltd to join us with building LEGO pieces.

Through her learning and personal development, Harriet has decided to follow a career path for midwifery and as this blog began, we echo that we couldn’t be prouder.  We very much look forward to catching up with Harriet to learn of her progression and share our very best wishes for what will be a very bright future.

If you are thinking about doing an apprenticeship, taking on an apprentice or holding an assessment centre day, we’d be delighted to help you. Just drop us a line, all our contact details are here.

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