Hello, I’m Sarah Stocks (aka Baby Gem) and a 15 year old from Robert Smyth Academy.

I just wanted to talk about the fantastic opportunity I have with Salad Skills; an opportunity I found myself. As part of our school education we’re required to do work experience and so I started by doing my own research and ended up finding my perfect work experience placement at Salad Skills in June 2015. Sarah and Jo were delighted by my motivation, independence and the fact that I wanted to work for them rather than expecting a work experience opportunity to find me.

After a successful week of work experience, my ‘first impressions’ paid off and I got offered a part time job with Salad Skills; working a few hours a week during term time – which I can easily fit around my schedule – and then full days in the holidays. I am delighted to have been offered this job because as well as learning a tremendous amount, I have the confidence to start doing more advanced work which is great!

Being part of the Salad Skills team is very honourable, especially at my age. It just goes to show that with a little self-help, independence and determination you can work yourself up the ladder in no time. A message to all the apprentices reading this: go out; do as much research into the jobs you’re most passionate about as you can; anticipate hard work and you will achieve. Believe me. Employers won’t know your strengths until you make them known!

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